Remarketing allows you to reach out to finely targeted audiences based on their previous engagement with your website.

We’ll get to work by setting up a series of tags across various landing pages, labelling individual visitors and categorising them by their activity on your site.

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool, which we use to tailor specific ads designed to re-engage your visitors and drive conversion rates.



Creating tags, or ‘cookies’ as they are often called, on your website, gives us the ability to record valuable data from your visitors. Using Google Analytics and other tools to our advantage, our team can categorise groups ranging from those who spend particular amounts of time on specific sections of the site, to those who are yet to land on certain pages. Say someone was tagged as having spent time browsing a particular product type, yet hadn’t progressed to the checkout page; we could design an ad to appear just to them to encourage them to look again and drive a sale.

We can organise lists of your visitors based on a variety of conditions, including:

  • Particular page visits
  • Having visited a page in the checkout process yet not resulted in a sale. Clearly, they were interested enough to get this far but for whatever reason didn’t complete the process.
  • Having not visited a certain page



There are many reasons someone may choose to visit your website, and ultimately decide to leave. We’re interested in re-engaging visitors to keep them interested in what it is you have to offer and show them why they shouldn’t favour competitors. Remarketing is as much about keeping customers on side as it is attracting those who are yet to do business with you. It’s far from straightforward, but that’s what we’re here for.

We’ll begin by working closely with you to determine who your audiences are and what you are trying to achieve with your business and brand. Once we understand this, we’ll devise a strategy to remarket these audiences and create tailored ads to maximise engagement. Our vast knowledge of digital ad techniques means that we’re never short of ideas when it comes to targeting and influencing through paid media.


Some reasons to remarket visitors to your website include:

  • To offer discount codes to those who almost, but nevertheless didn’t complete the checkout process, to encourage a sale
  • To reach out to previous customers who have not visited the website in a while
  • To send specific ads to those who have recently done business with your website, to thank them and maintain the relationship
  • Build a database on how visitors are using your website and highlight trends and possible floors in the site that may be detracting customers or increasing bounce rates etc
  • To generally offer an overall personal experience for your target audience that they don’t get elsewhere


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