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Approaches used : #OffsiteSEO#OnsiteSEO


Skinflint are suppliers of original reclaimed and salvaged lighting from the 20th Century. Skinflint sources lighting from historic sites across the world, ranging from British industrial factories, and German railways, to French hospitals and American runways. Each light is steeped in history and expertly restored. The company is based in Cornwall and supplies internationally through their ecommerce website.


Skinflint’s objectives were primarily to drive more traffic to their website seeing as the business is 100% online. Collaborating with their PR agency, it was also the aim to maximise brand reach through online content marketing.


Due to the website’s importance for ecommerce, and essentially acting as a shop window, our primary strategy was to optimise the website structure and content to be absolutely enhanced for search, as well as for the user when reaching the website.

Alongside this we created an ongoing SEO and PR strategy to make the most out of all online opportunities.


Focusing initially on the website structure, we began by carrying out an onsite configuration report with recommendations to ensure that all of the product pages were clear, relevant and optimised for search. This also involved adding descriptive copy to the products pages to explain the unique details and history of each industrial light.

Working closely with Skinflint’s copywriting and PR teams, we have also focused heavily on creating onsite content for the blog, as well as identifying high-quality editorial prospects offsite to promote the brand. This includes opportunities to feature insightful interviews with Skinflint’s designers, project submissions and the placement of competitions.


Skinflint now ranks in first place for key terms such as ‘Vintage Industrial Lighting’, ‘Reclaimed Lighting’ and ‘Industrial Lighting UK’, placing them in front of the right people and at the foreground of their industry.

The blog is continuing to develop with a wealth of information on Skinflint’s unique offering, such as the background on some of the vintage, industrial brands that they stock. Offsite collaborations have seen them work with well-known designer Kate Watson-Smyth on How to buy vintage lighting.