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The Radix podcast: evaluating your content with analytics

In Radix’s latest podcast episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, our Analytics Consultant, Jake Kimpton, explains how to use Google Analytics to delve into your website’s content performance.


For copywriters, like Radix, it’s essential to find out what content is working well, as well as what isn’t. So, which metrics should marketers turn to for content success indicators? Bounce rate and average time on page? Wrong.

Jake joins Radix’s Creative Director, David McGuire, to discuss how relying on these two metrics can have a damaging effect if they’re being used to decide if the content is working, and, instead, points us in the direction of more trustworthy indicators.

GA tricks and tips

During the podcast, you’ll discover how to use Google Analytics to add goals and calculate real page value, as well as establish which pages on your website are most valuable.

Be in the know about what kind of content is triggering goals, and grab useful tips on advanced engagement tracking from GA expert, Simo Ahava.

Go on, have a listen: Podcast 67: B2B content trends and analytics

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