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A guide to launching a remarkable remarketing campaign

You know that moment when an ad pops up on your Facebook newsfeed, of the exact product you were just admiring, baiting you to come back to purchase? How many times has it worked? Remarketing is a powerful tool that places your ads back in front of a qualified audience. The Google Display Network (GDN) … Continued

1 month ago

Are your blog posts unmissable or unreadable?

It’s encouraging when your new blog post, that you meticulously laboured over for longer than you’d perhaps care to admit, generates a buzz on social media. Unfortunately, figures have shown that over half of those who share content on Twitter and Facebook don’t actually read it themselves. It sounds crazy, but if you think about it, … Continued

2 months ago

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Encouraging Google Reviews in 2017

GMB provides a direct way for you to tell Google (the search engine used in 87% of UK web searches) where your business is and what it does. It also provides access to a review platform that is embedded into Google Search results, Google Maps and Google Local Guides.

3 months ago

Matching Google: the evolution of exact in AdWords

Google is dexterously moving towards a new approach for PPC keyword management, and, more specifically, how we use exact match keywords. Here’s what you need to know about the recent updates to close variants.

3 months ago

The boom of video in SEO

Here’s a look at where video is today, what can be expected from 2017, and how to ensure you are optimising effectively for best results both onsite and offsite.

3 months ago