Onsite optimisation

Onsite to behold…

As one of the most crucial assets underpinning your brand, your website is more than just a shop window. It’s the heartbeat of your business. Onsite optimisation might not be the most talked-about or trendy facet of SEO, but it’s one of the most fundamental pieces of the puzzle.

Much more than just page titles and H1 tags, onsite SEO is the process of optimising the entirety of your website, from structural through to semantic elements, to ensure the key messages you’re trying to communicate are discoverable by both search engines and (most importantly) potential customers.

Our approach…

To maximise your potential search visibility, we review your website with a specific focus on the following criteria:

  1. Architectural elements: analysing the structure of your website
  2. Technical components: assessing core on-page elements
  3. Content assets: evaluating content optimisation
  4. Local SEO: ensuring your presence is optimal for local searches


Architectural optimisation is perhaps the most complex discipline within onsite SEO. In this phase, we examine website sitemaps to understand whether the right number of pages exist to cover the desired range of keyphrases. We also uncover any potential content duplication issues. The overarching objective for the architectural phase is to ensure your website’s URLs and structure offer a smooth ride not only for the search engine spiders, but for users too.


Whereas the architectural phase looks at the structure of the overall website, the technical phase concentrates on the way each page is designed. Here we aim to ensure critical on-page elements (which are vitally important for search engines) are in-place and correctly used. We also look at page load times, among other technically-focused page-level considerations.


We then move on to review the content optimisation of your website. Throughout this phase we are scrutinising the important semantic elements on each page and providing suggestions to aid the overall search visibility of your website. We make specific recommendations for URLs, page titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions as well as page copy. Thanks to our in-house team of expert creative and content specialists, we’re able to produce this and walk you through our thought process. We also look at multimedia assets, such as images and videos, to ensure they are fully-optimised too. Our output is provided in spreadsheet and PDF formats for you to read easily, and full access to our team is provided throughout this process.


Finally, where relevant, we’ll help you to optimise your local search presence. This phase ensures your local listing is optimised to provide ‘high purchase intent’ customers to your business. Our approach involves working through three stages. Firstly accuracy, where we check that local listings are accurate and up-to-date. Secondly, we review your citations, ensuring they include the necessary data. And finally, on-page examinations, where we check the placement of local details is optimal. For more on our local SEO offering, please visit our dedicated page.


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