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Website relaunch SEO: the detail.

Things change. That’s perhaps the one constant in the world of digital marketing. And when it comes to your website, even the seemingly most insignificant of changes can have a big impact on your organic search performance.

Preparing for liftoff…

Website migration and relaunch management is a crucial, and often overlooked, part of SEO today. Telling search engines where your website has moved to, or what has changed about it, gives them continuity. Search engines crave continuity.

Lost in space

Relaunch management ties the old website to the new sitemap, aligning pages based on your business and content strategy. Think of it like moving home. If you don’t tell the postman where you’ve gone, you aren’t going to get your post. It’s the same with website migrations, relaunches or structural alterations. Unless you tell search engines where you’ve moved to, or where your new letterbox is, it’s going to be hard for them to find you. This can jeopardise your existing rankings.

Managing a website migration or relaunch is a technical process, which requires expertise and experience to ensure your link profile remains intact, and all your visitors are able to locate the content you’ve spent time crafting. Our team works seamlessly alongside your web agency, or internal resources, to manage the migration and relaunch process from start to finish.

Our approach

We cover everything from initial sitemap reviews (to discover any potential structural issues) through to reviewing URL structures, identifying content duplication blackspots and one of the most critical elements of the process: 301 redirection policies. We’ll then perform a post-migration audit to ensure nothing has slipped through the cracks and compare pre-migration performance to the website in its current state.

We’re with you every step of the way, providing on-hand advice, consultancy and technical recommendations when and where required. Like a friendly removals firm we’ll be here to make the process as seamless and frustration-free as possible. For you, for search engines and for your visitors.


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