Local search

Mapping out your local search presence…

Local SEO may be a fairly new discipline but it’s fast becoming one of the most important tools for many businesses with an existing physical presence.

Put simply, if you’re not where your customers expect you to be, you’ll lose out on business. For organisations with a local customer base and physical address, local SEO should form the cornerstone of their digital marketing campaign to ensure they appear at the top of search queries that have local intent.

‘Local SEO is not just citations. Local SEO is not just Google My Business (aka Places) optimization. Local SEO is not just inserting your city and state in title tags and H1 headings… take a step back, and look at the big picture.’

Greg Gifford.

Our approach…

Locally focused search results are now more competitive than ever, especially since the holy grail of local search, Google’s ‘map pack’, has been condensed further recently.

At 3WhiteHats we cover everything from NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) consistency, Google My Business optimisation, to the reviewing of generation strategies and implementation of structured data.

Local search can be a confusing place to be and it’s very easy to get wrong. Without expert support it could end up hindering, rather than helping, your marketing efforts.

Whether you’re in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney or somewhere else let’s chat about how we can help your business sore in the local search results.