Content sits at the centre of each and every campaign…

A fundamental component in both onsite and offsite optimisation, we create strategies that are propelled by highly relevant, engaging and expertly crafted content.

Our approach…

This can take the form of optimised onsite copy, such as blog posts, advice hubs, or category pages, each with the aim to increase visibility in search for certain terms as well as providing value for visitors on the website. It could also comprise of information placed on other authoritative blogs, such as articles, interviews, projects or competitions, creating a buzz around your brand as well as building a natural and valuable backlink profile.

Content is at the core of SEO and is a primary method for driving both traffic and search engine rankings for a website. This content has many purposes and can exist in a whole array of shapes and sizes.

Reaching your audience

Such relevant copy and graphics also offer beneficial PR worth and can significantly increase brand visibility. High quality content is extremely valuable to your audience and can be further utilised across social platforms to increase sharing and maximise reach and engagement. This, in turn, generates more links, while spreading word of your key offering.


Content is integral to our campaigns, whether that’s in the form of ongoing activity or standalone projects. We produce a strategy and calendar for each client, identifying the mediums that will work best for the brand and how each can be rolled out to be both timely and effective.

We then work closely with our clients to support writers, graphic designers and videographers, in the planning and creation of their bespoke content.  We immerse ourselves in each client’s world in order to truly understand what it is that makes their brand unique and how it sits within their industry. At 3WhiteHats we keep our ears to the ground and eyes peeled when it comes to the latest news and events, making our copy both topical and influential to online conversations.


Our work doesn’t end here. We want your website to be as engaging and successful as possible. To achieve this, we’ll take the words, images, videos, or whichever form the content embodies, and create a strategy for amplification. Whether that’s through organic or paid techniques, your material will be projected much further than you’d have initially thought possible, reaching exactly the right audience and meeting key performance indicators.


Struggling to create quality and engaging content? We can help!

Whether you’re in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney or somewhere else let’s chat about how we can solve your web woes…