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It is now estimated that 30-40% of all search is made with local intent…

Are you easy to find?

What is local search? It can be hard for many to get their heads around what is meant by the term. Essentially, any search done whereby the query and results are tendered to the geographical location of the searcher, counts as local. For example, a potential client or customer could be looking for a business like yours and may decide to Google companies or services being offered in your location. It is vital that you are visible in these results. We’re here to make sure that if, say, you’re a taxi service based in central london, you’ll be appearing to those typing in ‘taxi central london’.

Our approach

The internet is a big place and it’s all too easy to get buried beneath other sites, both relevant and random. At 3WhiteHats, we aim to make your website as easy to find as possible and one way to directly reach your audience is with paid advertising. Being a bunch of digital marketing nerds, we know all about running localised search campaigns and we can transform the way you connect with potential customers.

It is important that your business is prepared for local searches and stands out from competitors. How visible are you in your market area? We at 3WhiteHats can optimise your local ad campaigns so that their reach and conversion is maximised.

We know what works, but our team will test and adapt your campaigns to unlock how your audience responds to your unique brand message and get them onboard. We’ll ensure that what you’re offering is as easy to find as possible for potential customers and clients.


As consumer and company mobile use continues to rise and soar past that of the desktop, it has now become essential for businesses to get their appearance on handheld devices right. When out and about and looking for services nearby, your audience is more often that not going to be searching for you via mobile. Google displays ads differently on handheld devices compared to desktop and all ads have to be designed with these alternate formats in mind.

We’ll ensure your ads are structured and optimised to perform to their potential on handheld devices. We’re pros when it comes to mobile advertising and we know how to make your brand and campaign appear at its best across both desktop and mobile platforms so that whether your potential customers are at home or on the move, they will find you.


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