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Our approach to paid search…

We pride ourselves on a personal, hands-on approach to PPC management. We work closely with our clients to provide exciting and profitable campaigns across a host of paid search platforms, including Adwords and Bing Ads.

We’re also passionate about delivering a true and accurate picture of account performance and ROI, to ensure we have the foundations in place from which to analyse and improve.

PPC: the detail…

Keyphrase research

When it comes to keyword research, we use a combination of historical PPC performance data and competitive analysis, alongside Google’s Keyword Tool, to help inform proposed new keyphrase groupings. Where necessary, we look to bolster this with organic search data from Google’s Webmaster Tools.


We use a combination of manual and automatic bidding strategies provided by Google. We choose a bidding strategy dependent on the aims of both the whole account, and individual campaigns within.

If a campaign’s main KPI driver is ROI or ROAS, we will employ a more sophisticated strategy that will work towards a designated and pre-agreed target, monitoring its performance and feeding back on ROI/ROAS expectation & performance. Otherwise, a more traditional manual approach could be implemented for a brand awareness campaign, for example. We treat each account and campaign separately, and apply the best strategy to maximise performance based on pre-agreed targets and goals.

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Before employing a mobile bid strategy, we firstly ascertain a site’s likely performance on mobile & tablet devices. We visually test a site, and use visitor engagement and conversion data provided by Analytics to make a judgement on perceived ongoing performance. Once established, we are able to apply bid adjustments to mobile devices at a campaign level. These are reviewed periodically as search habits change and are modified as deemed necessary.


Client-led insights with historic analytics data are used to ascertain geographic hotspots and trends, enabling us to geographically optimise PPC campaigns. We use bid adjustments to increase visibility in previously popular booking locales, and reductions where traffic has converted less. This is an evolving strategy that needs periodic review and adjustment to ensure PPC marketing is targeting the correct target audience segments.


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