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Video advertising: the detail.

Video is central to every comprehensive content strategy. YouTube is the third biggest website in the world. Video is the channel that marketers often cite as delivering the greatest ROI. It drives more engagement and conversions than other channels. But if you’re not spending as much on the distribution of your video content, as you are on producing it, then you’re failing to harness one of the most potent brand and engagement-building assets at your disposal.


Chief among video platforms is YouTube. YouTube offers brands a broad range of options to target potential viewers and visitors. With its video remarketing product, brands can target visitors to their website, people  who have interacted with or viewed their YouTube videos, those who have subscribed to, or unsubscribed from their channel, and individuals who have simply visited their YouTube channel.

Remarketing lists can be further filtered by specific categories, such as topics, interests, keywords and geo-targeting to provide greater granularity and deliver even more relevant, tailored content to potential viewers/visitors.

YouTube also offers demographic targeting options, such as age, gender, etc, as well as topics and interest targeting, as well as keyword targeting and affinity audiences – those people who already have a strong interest in your brand or service.

We’ll work with you to define the right approach according to your objectives and your target audience, create a bespoke plan, and then (using our Test, Measure, Optimise – TMO – methodology) use performance insights to inform the ongoing management of your campaign.

Video seeding

While YouTube can cover a large volume of relevant potential viewers through the targeting approaches outlined above, to further boost awareness and views, we can devise video seeding campaigns using a bespoke video DSP (demand-side platform).

Our preferred DSP, has access to over 40,000 sites, including ComScore Top 100 Sites such as CNN, AOL, USA Today, Forbes, ESPN, TechCrunch, etc. This offers an extremely broad audience reach.

We work with you to define campaign objectives (such as brand awareness, engagement or website traffic). Our preferred DSP allows you to test different video formats (in-display versus pre-roll, or indeed mobile and social game) and different creatives too, helping us stay true to our TMO mantra.

The campaign can then be targeted in a similar fashion to YouTube Promoted Videos, by audience demographic, behaviour, contextual, topic, data, geographic, device, and other options.


We’re passionate about full visibility, and ensure that our reports detail all the key metrics you need to see. Whether that’s keywords that triggered the video ad on YouTube, or placements across the video seeding networks we use, we’re fully transparent and deliver the insight and analysis you need to help understand campaign performance fully.


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