Extracting Query Parameters in Google Analytics – Free Tool

Auditing your Google Analytics account for query parameters can be tedious but helps keep page reports clear of unwanted row duplication. We talk about the effects of collecting unwanted queries on your reporting and how to fix it. We’ve also built a free tool to make the process easier. What are URL Query Parameters? URL … Continued

9 months ago

Tracking HubSpot Forms with Google Tag Manager

Photo Credit: Mathyas Kurmann   Difficulty: 3/5 Requirements: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Updated: 12/02/2020 Changes: Added in a an extra guide on utilising Data Imports in GA. Tracking Hubspot forms within Hubspot’s own system might suffice for some scenarios. For most, it lacks context. Where did they arrive from? Did they engage with other … Continued

10 months ago

How to get Service Provider back in Google Analytics

Difficulty: 5/5 Requirements: Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics with 1 spare custom dimension If you’re seeing Service Provider (not set) in your Analytics reports – we share your pain. Unfortunately, over the past few months, we’ve heard chatter that Google were planning to drop two relatively unknown but important dimensions: Service Provider and Network … Continued

10 months ago


Measuring Content Engagement in Google Analytics – Part 3: Social Site Exits

Content Engagement Metrics Toolkit for Marketers: Article Completion Rate Social Sharing Social Exits Video Engagement – Coming Soon Content Copying – Coming Soon Page Printing – Coming Soon Social Exit Tracking Difficulty: 2/5 Requirements: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Site exits aren’t typically an ideal situation. However, there are times where they should be measured … Continued

10 months ago


Measuring Content Engagement in Google Analytics – Part 2: Social Share Click Tracking

The use of social sharing widgets is commonplace. But who’s actually tracking interactions with these? Let’s make a count of how many people are clicking these buttons and record a social share rate to see how many readers amplify content on social media.

1 year ago


DoubleClick Floodlight Tags and Google Tag Manager – Lean up Your Containers

Anybody who uses DoubleClick Floodlight knows the slow process of implementing a new tag for each activity for a campaign interaction or conversion. If you’re using Google Tag Manager to add a tag, trigger and maybe some new variables for every new Floodlight – it won’t take long for your container to overfill with almost identical tags. While there’s nothing wrong with this style of implementation, there is another way.

1 year ago


Measuring Content Engagement in Google Analytics – Part 1: Article Completion Rate

It’s time to ditch bounce rates and average time on page in place of meaningful and measurable insights. Enhance how you measure content engagement with these advanced tracking methods to gain real insights into your content and its value against your business objectives.

1 year ago


Conditional Formatting in Data Studio

A feature that has been long-awaited in Data Studio is conditional formatting. Finally, the wait is over and we are pretty excited about the potential improvements in data visualisation that it will be able to unlock. Google Data Studio is a great tool that we use daily, and ever since its inception there have been … Continued

1 year ago


New Release: Google Analytics App and Web Properties

Google has just announced an exciting new update to its Google Analytics product – integrated App and Web Properties. The new properties unify data across different user interfaces into one place, allowing for centralised analysis of your user interactions. On the surface the change seems simple enough – enabling the tracking of both Web and Apps … Continued

1 year ago


Shopify: Enhance your Google Analytics & Install Google Tag Manager

We build upon the existing Shopify Google Analytics available out of the box, adding extra features and deploying GTM for your other marketing tags.

2 years ago